is​/​are Breaking

by Shy Guise

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(free) 04:41


released March 21, 2012



all rights reserved


Shy Guise Vancouver, British Columbia

Bryan F Rosberg

'F' denotes funny

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Track Name: Breaking In
i'm breaking
breaking up our lives
and when i
get to waking
up i close my eyes
Track Name: What to do
sometimes i get so lonely
sometimes i don't at all
you can be sure that it's only
a matter of time before i call
and it's okay if you don't believe me
just keep an eye on your phone
and it's okay if you don't want to see me
it's enough just to hear your voice alone
and my heart's not troubled
just confused
oh, what to do
we held the world like some mythical gods
when our backs began to break
i suppose i dropped the ball
i still get pains from that crack to the jaw
it's not like i could blame you
i know i deserved it all
if this life does indeed mean something
i'll be the first to admit i'm a tad relieved
but if it all is revealed to be nothing
you might be just the thing i need
you left me in van because you knew i outdid you
you left me on my knees
so i shot down your man because i knew he'd forgive you
turns out i was shooting my own two feet
guess i'm done walking
back to my life with you
oh, what to do
yeah, i'm done walking
bavk to some life i knew
oh, god, what to do?
Track Name: Standards of Love
there's standards of love that i just don't have
i shower my love until it's just a bath
you stand there and love and i just get so sad
because yours is the love i'll never have
i sit and stare at the stars way up there
one day i'll find them in your hair
Track Name: Fireworks Went Off (Breaking Out)
there's a window open in your room
i could crawl right through
spend my life with you
there's a little mouse inside my dreams
i feed him cheese
and he loves me
all my neighbours ask me where my girl is
where i'm going
i say: 'i don't know yet'
there's a little bird inside my head
says he don't need a bed
he just tweets instead
there's a mountain i've gotta climb
it might take some time
but i will make it mine
and there's a little kitten on my bed
i keep him fed
and kiss his head