Jay's Songs 4 Work

by Shy Guise

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these are jays songs. for work.


released May 28, 2013

all songs by shy, except Don't Call Me Baby, which was written by J. Levine and A. Persaud



all rights reserved


Shy Guise Vancouver, British Columbia

Bryan F Rosberg

'F' denotes funny

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Track Name: Beach Bummer (I'm a Virgo)
I never missed my friends
Until they came back
This summer knows no end
Beer's in my backpack

I'm a virgo, Baybee
You drive me ccrazy

4 square days and long nights
Sleep is for the week
Burnin' rays of moonshines
7 rays I'm weak

I'm a virgo, Baby
You drive me crazy

I never knew my good friends
Until they left me
I guess every summer ends
But we're still besties, right?

I'm a virgo
YOUdirve me crazy


Inever mised my frinds
until they camse back]
summer knows nkow end
beers in my back paacl
Track Name: Dance Away
I dunno about my feelings
I just feel them somewhere in there
If you ask me why I'm kneeling
Maybe it's real, maybe it isn't

Sounds good, if you wanna be a friend
I will always be a friend to the friendless
Take me if you're gonna see the sea
I need to know there's something that is endless

Buddy blew and buddies all around
I don't know how to feel about this
Jenny knew and Jenny held her ground
I've got this knotted feeling in my stomach

So be free
Be on your way
Let loose
Kick up your feet my little dancer

Dance Away:)
Track Name: American Movie Classics
If you were amazing
Maybe I could love you
If you weren't so crazy
I would think more highly of you
But as it stands right now
You've made my life a hell

You are my Freaky Friday
You are my Lost Highway
You take me to the Badlands
And treat me like a Mad Man
But this ain't Hollywood
I need a love so good
Beside Me
Track Name: When You Get Lonely
My lover, she told me a lie
I believed her, she took her life
Her breath, her breath made me laugh
Her breathing stopped dead in her tracks
Got a ride to the funeral home
My words came out like a tome
I caught you and Jules in the back
Ain't it time to clean up your act

When you get lonely
You get mean

I smiled for a good half a year
Simpering with it, one ear to ear
Eventually it takes such a toll
You fall apart when it starts to snow

When you get lonely
You get mean

Her lips, stained red from the wine
Sparkling wet like the Rhine
Finally, thank God, yours found mine
At that moment I started to cry
Track Name: I'm Seasick
We run aground too many times
We almost drown and then ya cry
There's no good compass where the hell is north
Sick of all this rocking back and forth
yeah, i am, yeah, i am, yeah

I'm seasick
I'm so sick of seein' you
I'm seasick
So sick of seein' you

Louie's downtown, he's got a pint
Scotch and soda, the card's all right
Make it creepy, it'll creep right back
You sell your soul then you buy it back

Off the coast, we're dead for shore
Kill me first, so I can take us there
Suck that sick sea water in
Do your heart good if it's worth anything
Track Name: Like I Did
She never learned to kiss, but she did it anyway
Hearts are harder to break when you don't have much to say
In the morning light she can count all the friends she made
In the blue of the wretched night, all the ones that stayed

Saturdays and I lost my love on the centre stage
Sunday morning the bells ring and I try to act my age
When she finally wakes she can count all the friends she made
And when the night catches up, all the ones that stayed

Like I did

Dear Dolly, I miss those nights when we'd miss the days
We'd fall asleep in the sun just to wake up in the shade
Do you get on the phone, now and then, and call your old flames
Do they sigh when you say 'Hi.' or laugh when you say their names

Like I do
Track Name: Someday I'll Make Good
A barking dogs inside her head
Every time she close her eyes
He cries out to be fed
In her head's a barking dog
She tries to go to sleep
But he cries all night long
All I've got in mine are songs
I'd sing em for you now
But it would take too long
So I cry along with him
I hope to god she hears me
Before tomorrow's in

Someday I'll make good

I wish this Internet knew shame
Though then I might hate myself
More than I could explain
Yeah, we're a mess but that's alright
It's just a glass of wine
We'll hope it lasts the night
I'm around if you are too
I know it ends abrupt
She still loves you, I do too
If I could promise you, I would
Make a promise
I make good
Track Name: Feathers Like a Dream
Feathers like a dream on my pillow
You take me to space and back again
Cleaned the carpet twice in one week
It's getting sad again
Noises on the roof have shaken me
Voices under my bed hasten me
Take my pills and brush my teeth and
Take a drink and hope for sleep

Heather says i spend too much time alone
I go to the bank and back again
Got a haircut twice in one week
It's looking bad again
Joyce's best friend, ruth, 's mistaken me
For some poor man who left her nakedly
I give her bills and by the skin of my teeth
I buy a drink and pray for some relief